Supportive. Innovative. Collaborative.

The Moody Endowment supports organizations committed to the rehabilitation of individuals who have experienced traumatic brain and head injuries. We invest in scientific research to advance treatment, care, and therapies that enhance lives and give rise to new possibilities. We seek to make the world a better place in Texas and beyond.

The Moody Endowment Support Focus Areas

Moody Neuro

The Moody Endowment is designed to support organizations including Moody Neurorehabilitation Institute, a leader in post-acute brain injury treatment and neurorecovery. Moody Neuro is comprised of four state-of-the-art facilities each providing the highest level of care.

Scientific Research

We invest in technology and research that improves the lives of those living with brain injuries. Whether it’s a novel training system, a therapeutic device to help patients rehabilitate, or a groundbreaking idea to advance the standard of care, we want to lead the way.

General Philanthropy

We collaborate with deserving organizations that have a proven track record of success. If your programs, services, educational or charitable initiatives are making a difference for people in Texas or beyond, we may be able to help.

Tell us how you are making a difference in the lives of others.

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