Q: Does The Moody Endowment only fund organizations and projects located in the state of Texas?

A: We primarily fund projects in Texas, but we can and have made grants outside of the state.

Q: Does my organization need to be a 501c(3) nonprofit in order to receive a grant from The Moody Endowment?

A: Yes, we only make grants to 501c(3) organizations.

Q: Does The Moody Endowment only fund projects related to the medical field?

A: No, approximately 10-20% of grants are made to non-medical organizations.

Q: Approximately how long does it take to have my grant application reviewed and either approved or denied for funding?

A: Our grant application process takes 60-90 days.

Q: Upon grant funding approval, how long until I receive grant funds?

A: Once you receive notification of funding approval, you should receive the award within two weeks.

Q: If my initial grant inquiry is not selected to move on to the formal grant application phase, can I submit another grant inquiry for a different project at a later time?

A: Yes, if your initial inquiry is not selected, you may at some point in the future submit a grant inquiry for a different project.

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